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Is It Healthy or Full of Sugar?

woman making salad

Consuming too much sugar may cause inflammation in the body, which can lead to less than optimal function of your nervous system and may even cause pain or other unpleasant symptoms.

Even if you think you’re eating healthy, sugar could be sneaking its way into your diet. Here are a few “healthy” foods that are sometimes full of the stealthy sweet.

Salads: Healthy, right? Well, sometimes. Take a look at your [favorite] salad dressing to make sure it isn’t jam-packed with sugar, as many are. Big offenders are often those that are fat-free.

Nut butters: Love almond or peanut butter toast in the morning? While they’re packed with protein, some have added sugar.

Bottled tea: Some people choose tea over coffee for a midday pick-me-up, but all too often it’s followed by a sugar crash. Check the label on your top brand to make sure it’s not full of unnecessary sweeteners.

3 Ways to Improve Your Mental Health Now

calm lady

In today’s world, a great deal of emphasis is placed on keeping our bodies healthy and active—and for good reason. A healthy body often means a healthy life…but there’s one other thing that shouldn’t be left out of the mix: Your mind!

Just as we eat well and exercise to stay in peak performance mode, our mental health needs special attention to thrive.

Want to improve your mental health? Give these easy-to-implement ideas a try.

1. Express your appreciation toward others. This can lead to building healthy relationships.
2. Limit your time spent on social media. You can even set alarms and change your phone settings to make sure you stick to your self-imposed limits.
3. While it’s important to put others first, don’t do so at the expense of your own well-being. Secure yourself first before doing the same for others.

Back Pain? Give This Morning Stretch a Try

woman doing cobra pose

Waking up after a night of sleep should be refreshing. For many, it’s not. Morning back pain can easily get your day started on the wrong foot. Instead of dealing with it daily, try some morning stretches to loosen your spine.

The popular yoga pose known as “cobra” is especially good for tight backs and easy for beginners to try.

1. Lay on your stomach.
2. Place your hands under your shoulders and elbows in toward your torso.
3. Push your legs, hips and feet toward the ground while you lift your chest up and take a big breath. As you exhale, open your chest by softening your shoulders down.
4. Lower back down and repeat a few times.

Looking for other ways to combat back pain naturally? We’re here for you. Contact us today to book an appointment and get to the root cause of your pain.