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Traveling Without Back Pain

When you travel, you’re often doing it for rest and relaxation. So you don’t want to have to deal with back pain on your trip. Here’s how you can help yourself (and your family) enjoy your time away from home.

Keep in mind how much time you’ll be spending in a car or plane. Before you start your travels, keep up on your exercise and stretching routine.

During your travels, be sure to stand from time to time so your body doesn’t stay crouched in a tight space for too long. Upon arrival to your destination, avoid too much lifting, bending and twisting—after all, you should be relaxing!

If you’ve suffered from back pain in the past or want to get ahead of pain before it starts, consider scheduling an appointment before you embark on your travels and immediately upon your return.

Addressing the Cause of Headaches

Whether it’s moderately uncomfortable or throbbing like a jackhammer, headaches afflict people of all ages. According to the World Health Organization close to 50% of adults worldwide have experienced a headache within the last year. Missed work and schooldays often result when the pounding pain prevents sufferers from attending to their daily tasks.

As the most common type of a headache, tension headaches can result from stress, anxiety or tight muscles in your shoulders or neck. Other common types include migraines, sinus headaches and cluster headaches.

Though prescription or over-the-counter medications can provide pain relief, they don’t address the cause of the pain. Those looking for a natural alternative may find relief through precise chiropractic adjustments designed to reduce nerve interference. You may experience the release of muscle tension, which in turn can provide relief from headache pain.

If you or someone you love is seeking relief from headaches, give us a call.

Hydration Strategies

It’s an essential building block for life and something we need to keep us going—yet so many people across the world don’t drink even half of the daily recommended amount of water to keep dehydration at bay. Why is water so important? It helps our bodies function better in nearly every way. And as chiropractors, we care about how your body performs day in and day out. Here are three simple ways that you can help your body take in more water each day:

1. Drink water through a straw. Why? Taking in water through a straw allows you to drink larger amounts in a shorter time.

2. Add fruits and veggies to your diet like watermelon, pineapple and tomato—all of which are more than 90% water.

3. Add ice to non-water drinks. This adds water to your beverage and keeps it cool.