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3 Ingredients to Elevate Your Meals… and Health!

Looking for a way to spice up meals while also heightening your wellness? Consider these three delicious herbs and spices the next time you whip up a dish.

Turmeric: One of today’s most popular spices (and rightfully so), Turmeric is a rich, golden col[o]r and high in anti-inflammatory properties. Try it to flav[o]r vegan dishes, chicken or even in a golden latte.

Ginger: Having stomach issues? Give ginger a go to support gut health. Add it to your morning tea or smoothie.

Rosemary: Did you know that rosemary can help support healthy blood sugar levels? It makes the perfect garnish for dishes like grilled veggies, pan roasted chicken, or roast.

The Best Exercise Plan for You

While it’s important to make fitness a priority in your life, you shouldn’t expect to do the same workout routine every time you step foot in a gym. Instead, make sure you listen to your body when crafting a physical regimen that works for how you’re feeling.

Stress: If you’re experiencing high stress before a workout, relax your mind and body as cortisol levels are already high. Keep the intensity level of your workout at 70% or less with yoga or a light jog. For days you’re experiencing low stress, work on strength training.

Sleep quality: On days you’ve slept poorly, aim for gentle movements like cycling or mobility exercises. When you’ve slept well, go all out with a high energy workout like boxing, weight lifting or a run.

Injuries: If you’re injured, the best thing you can do is allow yourself the proper time to heal so the problem doesn’t become worse. Contact us for an appointment so we can help you get back to your activities ASAP.

Why Rest Days Are Important

Can rest really help you meet your fitness goals?

Absolutely! It’s incredibly important to give your body the time it needs to rest and recover on your path to wellness.

Here are a few reasons you shouldn’t skip out on rest days:

1. It gives you time to recharge your mind, which is important for your mental health. By taking a day off, you’re also giving your mind and body the chance to crave exercise again, improving motivation.

2. Taking the time to recover makes you stronger. How? After an intense workout, your body repairs the small tears in your muscles that happen naturally during exercise. After repair, they’re stronger.

3. You may sleep better. On a rest day, less cortisol is produced, which can result in better sleep.

4. It may prevent injuries. Too much strain on our muscles can result in overuse injuries.

Taking one rest day each week is ideal.