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Back Pain Linked to Stress

stressed people

Did you know that stress is a leading cause of illness? Stress can cause anxiety, depression and even sleep difficulties. It can also trigger physical pain, especially in the back. Our emotions can cause muscle tension, affecting the function of our spine. Back pain often results from this mind-body connection.

If neglected, back pain can become chronic. Which in turn limits our ability to engage in physical activities. The resulting social isolation can produce depression, adding still more stress, becoming a vicious cycle.

What’s the best way to reduce emotional, physical and chemical stress? For starters, be grateful. Look for the silver lining in difficult circumstances. Journal your thoughts. Talk to a trusted friend. Exercise and take time to relax. Breathe deeply, improve your diet and of course, get adjusted. Chiropractic care can help reduce nervous system tension, improving your ability to tolerate stress.

Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

pregnant woman playing with toddler

While exciting and life changing, pregnancy can also be a pain in the derriere, literally. Pregnancy often surfaces preexisting weaknesses in the spine. These can show up as the developing baby presses on the sciatic nerve – the largest nerve in the body. Sciatic pain can be felt in the lower back or buttocks, down the leg and even into the feet. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to decrease the discomfort.

Avoid lifting heavy objects and reduce the amount of time you stand. When lying down, try the side that’s not affected. Swimming and other exercises that increase circulation may be helpful. Many mothers-to-be report that massage therapy is a great option as well.

Many of our pregnant mothers find relief with chiropractic care. We use special techniques that make it safe for you and your baby. Then, you’ll have the energy to prepare for your bundle of joy.

How to Banish Your Inner Slouch Potato

woman with good posture

Like brushing your teeth and getting adequate exercise, standing up straight is essential for a happy and healthy life. But from time to time, we’re all guilty of slouching, drooping or sitting hunched over our computer. Consider these five tips for better posture and optimum spinal health.

1. Avoid leaning into your computer, which often results in forward head posture. Instead, increase the font size if you find yourself squinting and make sure the screen is level with your eyes.

2. Stay hydrated. When you have back or leg pain, your posture can be compromised. Hydrated tissue heals faster than dehydrated tissue.

3. Keep moving. Exercise each day and avoid sitting for long periods of time.

4. Build self-confidence. Your posture is the first thing others notice, influencing your confidence and energy level.

5. Can’t figure out why you’re a slouch potato? Determine the underlying cause with chiropractic care.