2014 January
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2014 January

A New You for the New Year

Happy New Year

New Year’s resolutions encourage us to positively change something about ourselves, yet if we don’t stick to them it can feel very discouraging.

So, let’s change that!

Here are a few tips to help you keep your resolutions and make 2014 an incredible year:

Be honest. Choosing a resolution that is sentimental to you will help inspire you to keep going.

Be realistic. Starting with smaller goals will make it more likely that you’ll succeed.

Be specific. Setting an exact goal let’s you know when you’ve crossed the finish line!

Be supported. Talk to your family, a friend, or me about your goals for encouragement along the way.

We’re here to inspire you and support you in your journey. So, cheers to the new year and the new you!

You can do it.

Listen Closely

Listen closely

Huge radio telescopes are used to scan the heavens, searching out the faintest signal. The larger the telescope, the fainter the signal it can detect.

If we listen to our body, we can pick up the faintest, earliest warnings that something is amiss.

With skill, these messages can be detected long before the health issue becomes serious.

Ignore these warnings, and your body may have to literally scream to get your attention!

Be sensitive to things like:

· Changes in digestion or intestinal gas
· Pain when attempting to turn or bend
· A persistent cough or throat clearing
· Increased frequency of urination
· Sudden loss or increase of weight
· Dark circles under the eyes
· Inability to fall asleep or stay asleep

Waiting until symptoms become obvious makes correction more difficult.

If you’ve been waiting for a problem to “go away on its own,” call our practice for a thorough examination.

Where Does Your Stress Appear?

Where does your stress appear?

Anyone exposed to too much stress knows that eventually it shows up in the body.

Common symptoms? Upset stomach pain, anxiety, headaches, shortness of breath – the list goes on and on.

Stress is the body’s reaction to a real or imagined danger. It doesn’t matter if a bear or a debt collector is chasing you, the chemical change in your body is the same. That reaction can be helpful in the right circumstances, but can be damaging when it is not.

Physical, chemical and emotional stress can overload your nervous system. Like a chain that breaks at its weakest link, stress tends to show up where we are most vulnerable. Our neck. Low back. Between our shoulders. Stress can increase the frequency of headaches and compromise other aspects of our health.

While regular chiropractic care can’t eliminate stress, it’s likely to help you resist, dissipate and accommodate stress better.