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Two Ways to Boost Your Mood

Our posture can profoundly affect our attitude and outlook. A growing body of research suggests that emotions are actually created by the body–not the mind! Compare the posture of someone sad and someone optimistic. You’ll see a big difference.

Want to chase away a bout with the blues? Consider assuming one of these poses for a couple of minutes throughout the day:

Superman or Superwoman Pose – Stand tall with your feet firmly planted at shoulder width. Thrust out your chest with your hands on your hips.

Victory Pose – Chest out, hands above your head in the shape of a “V” as if you’ve just won the 100-meter hurdles.

By purposely placing our body in a position of confidence, we can change our emotional tone and bring ourselves into a more resourceful state. Got an important meeting or phone call? Assume one these poses first. Try it.

How Stress Can Lead to Back Pain

Did you know that stress is a leading cause of illness? Stress can cause anxiety, depression and sleep difficulties. It can also trigger physical pain, particularly in the back.

How? Certain psychological factors can produce muscle tension. Back pain is often a result of this mind-body connection.

If neglected, back pain can become chronic. It can limit your ability to engage in physical and social activities. Meanwhile, joints degenerate and muscles and ligaments can be affected. Isolation can set in as well as depression and additional stress becoming a vicious cycle.

What’s the best way to reduce emotional, physical and chemical stress in your body? Break the cycle by reducing stressors in your life. Talking to a trusted friend, taking the time to relax, exercising, deep breathing, spending time in nature and eating right. If back pain is preventing you from moving as you want, add chiropractic care to your list.

Common Causes of Headaches

It’s safe to say that most of us have experienced headaches in our lifetime. But while they may be a common occurrence for some, it’s important to recogni[z]e that they aren’t normal.

Headaches may be a result of a number of conditions or issues, including but not limited to:

  • Stress. Stress causes various chemicals to be released in your body, and can cause blood vessel changes that bring about headaches.
  • Certain foods. Things like alcohol, chocolate and even caffeine have been known to trigger headaches and migraines.
  • Lack of sleep. Without proper sleep each night, our bodies can’t function as they were meant to.
  • Poor posture. Carrying your head too far forward or slouching your shoulders and neck can result in tension and misaligned spinal bones.

If you’re experiencing headaches, give us a call.