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How to Instantly Feel Better

women hugging and smilingEach day we witness the miracle of healing. Nobody really knows how we heal, but thankfully, given the right circumstances, we do. And naturally, those of us who are younger tend to heal more quickly than those of us getting on in age.

Healing requires a connection.

When we reconnect your body to your brain by reducing subluxations along your spine, healing can take place. When you or I reconnect with an estranged friend or family member, healing can take place. When we reconnect with the truth, accepting what is, healing can take place. This healing effect is amazing.

You have the opportunity to experience the profound joy we experience when you tell others about chiropractic and introduce them to the truth that their bodies, not drugs or doctors, do the healing. If, of course, they’re connected!

If you know someone who needs to get reconnected, we hope you’ll send them our way. They’ll feel better…and you will, too.

Recharging Your Body

lemonJust as we clean our houses, cars and workspaces, sometimes, our bodies need a little cleaning up too. A few options you might consider to help set the stage for better health include:

Cleanse: A cleanse is designed to remove toxins from the body. This process often involves using lemon, ginger and other flavorings to make a drink with the intent of flushing out the body.

Fasting: Nearly every religion describes some type of spiritual purification that involves fasting. The body is designed to fast; we do it every night! (It’s why we call our first meal of the day break-fast.) Fasting is not a weight loss tool. Some medical practitioners are skeptical of the value of fasting.

Adjustments: Your nervous system controls and regulates every cell of your body. If various organs and tissues that don’t send pain signals to your brain are under- or over-performing, you simply won’t enjoy optimum health.

Fender-Bender Help

woman with neck painIt happens out of no where, yet most of us have experienced a sudden CRASH into another vehicle.

If you find your car trying to occupy the same space as another, remember these two points:

1. Even minor traffic accidents can injure passengers far more than indicated by the sometimes superficial damage to a car. Be sure that each passenger involved in an accident gets a thorough chiropractic examination. Prompt attention can often speed up the recovery process.

2. If your injuries necessitate a visit to the emergency room, you’ll likely receive a clean bill of health and a prescription. The muscle relaxants will make you loopy but won’t do a thing for the unnoticed spinal misalignments. Stop by for a more thorough exam.

Regardless of who’s at fault or the limitations of your coverage, don’t let the motives of an insurance company cause you to minimi[z]e your injuries.