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Energi[z]e Your Workday, Naturally

It’s two in the afternoon, and you’ve had too many starchy foods for lunch. The result: your energy level has taken a nosedive. Combatting a slump during the workday doesn’t have to include copious amounts of caffeine. Try these natural energi[z]ers to keep you plugging along ‘til five or beyond

stretching at deskConduct meetings or take phone calls on your feet. Stretch, do simple exercises or take a brisk 10-15 minute walk. If possible, consider getting a standing desk or a treadmill desk.

Satisfy hunger and avoid that slump with a high-protein snack such as almonds or a boiled egg. Avoid sugar as you’ll likely experience a crash, which may make you sleepier. Drink more water. While you should limit caffeine, drinking a cup of green tea can provide the perfect pick-me-up and many health benefits.

Visiting us for regular chiropractic checkups is another great way to keep your body healthy and energi[z]ed!

A Gift for Your Sweetheart

happy couple kissing

While chocolates and flowers frequently top the list of Valentine’s Day gifts, encouraging your special someone to seek natural chiropractic care is a gift that shows you care! After all, chocolates can pack on the pounds and flowers may end up wilting after about a week.

Chiropractic, on the other hand, may give you longer-lasting benefits. This form of natural care helps to reduce nerve interference which may help your special someone experience greater overall health and well-being. Benefits may include a stronger immune system, stress relief, improved posture, relief from pain, and more.

Chiropractic also may help with common conditions such as asthma, headaches and repetitive stress. And as Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, chiropractic may improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and improving circulation.

Celebrate your Valentine by encouraging him or her to see a chiropractor for natural, gentle care that may promote better health!

Bones or Nerves?


We live our lives through our nervous systems. Whether it’s enjoying a sunset, digesting dinner or warding off an infection, our nervous systems control everything. Better nervous system = better life.

Our culture is focused on blood, such as pulse, blood pressure and cholesterol. These largely result from nervous system directions. So even the smallest nervous system disturbance can dramatically affect the way your whole body works.

Since the moving bones of the spinal column are so close to the spinal cord, and the 31 pairs of nerve roots that branch out from it, many people think chiropractic is all about bones.

But I see myself primarily as a nerve doctor, not a bone doctor. The spinal column is merely where we find the [sub]s that are often the source of nerve disturbances between the brain and body. Reducing nervous system tension allows your body to work normally so health can return.