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Reduce Stress and Enjoy Life

Woman and two children

Many people use this time of year as an opportunity to enjoy time with loved ones, embrace tradition and reflect on life’s blessings. Yet, so easily time flies leaving us feeling exhausted or stressed.

Try a few simple tips to help reduce your stress.

Keep it simple. Lighten up your schedule by embracing only the parts of the festive season you love. Say “no” to things that will wear you down and take up time.

Plan ahead. Do errands, shop, buy groceries and cook as early as possible to eliminate last-minute stress.

Take care of yourself. Use the season as motivation to stay healthy. Prioriti[z]e exercise and don’t forget to relax, sleep and get adjusted. Remember, adjustments help keep your body running properly so you can stay healthy during stressful times!

Cheers to a festive season embracing family and tradition.

The Rest You Need

Woman resting on a pillow

With so much going on in life, sometimes it’s hard to prioriti[z]e the rest our body needs. For some, falling asleep is half the problem. Here are a few tips to help:

Minimi[z]e stress and anxiety. Keep a to-do list going throughout the day so that at night you can focus on getting sleep.

Avoid caffeine. The effects of caffeine can last over 8 hours, so watch out for that afternoon cup of coffee or caffeinated drink.

Kill the lights. Create a tranquil atmosphere where you can relax before bed. Be sure your sleeping space is as dark as possible.

Unplug. Turn off the computer and TV and set aside your phone to help relax.

Check your mattress and pillow. Make sure your back and neck is getting proper support at night (I can help).

Talk to me about ways you can sleep better so you can tackle life head on!

Care For Your Osteoporosis

Couple steering a sailboat

Osteoporosis, one of the most common bone diseases, is known for the severe fractures it can cause from trips, falls and everyday injuries. Over 10 million people live with osteoporosis, so what can you do about it?

Get screened. A bone-density test every few years can help diagnose the disease early on.

Exercise. Talk to me about exercises to help strengthen your bones.

Enhance your diet. Adding supplements such as Calcium and Vitamin D can help protect your bones. Avoid foods high in phosphorus that can leach calcium from your bones.

Take care. Lift with your legs, avoid hunching over and watch where you step.

Get adjusted. Chiropractic care keeps proper motion in your joints so that you’re able to walk, balance, exercise and function properly.

As your chiropractor, protecting your bone health and spine are a top priority. Let’s work together to ensure you stay healthy after you get healthy!