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Latest Gaming Craze is Bad News for Your Spine

A new augmented reality game called “Pokémon Go” has taken over phones and tablets around the world. How long the newest craze will last, no one knows. But one thing is certain—walking with your head down and staring at your phone may be good for catching Pokémon, but it’s terrible for your spine!

Text neck, caused by looking downward at your wireless device, wreaks havoc on your spine and leads to poor posture, subluxation and even disc compression.

Why? When your 12-lb. head is tilted forward, it causes a ton of strain on your neck—just a 15-degree tilt causes its weight to double. To combat text neck, raise your device to eye level to allow for better support of your head.

If you or your child is hooked on the latest app, consider scheduling an appointment with our practice to get your spine checked and to stop permanent damage before it starts.

Olympic-level Healing With Kinesio Taping

It comes in all col[o]rs and is applied to various parts of the body. You’ll likely see many Olympic athletes sporting this elastic athletic tape that may look more like an accessory than a healing tool during this year’s games.

If you’re wondering what this colorful tape is, you’re not alone! Kinesio Taping, which was developed by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, involves placing tape over muscles to allow individuals to experience a reduction in pain and inflammation.

Athletes during this year’s games may sport the tape if they’re recovering from an injury or wear it as a preemptive measure over weak muscles and ligaments.

Kinesio tape isn’t the only step taken by world-class athletes to ensure their best performance—many current and past Olympic athletes opt for chiropractic care to ensure the health of their nervous system including sprinter Usain Bolt and retired basketball star Michael Jordan.

All About Your Nervous System

Heighten your brainpower by learning a little more about your nervous system with some truly amazing facts!

1. The human spinal cord consists of nearly 13.5 million neurons. The most sensitive are found at the base of your spinal cord.

2. Nerves are made up of long bundles of fiber called axons that also contain nerve cells. Bonus fact: The two types of nerve cells found within your body are called neurons and glial cells.

3. If all of the neurons in your brain were lined up, they would form a path about 600 miles long!

4. Think your car is fast? Signals travel between your brain and body at speeds of 100 meters per second!

5. Of the 43 pairs of nerves that connect your central nervous system, 31 are attached to your spinal cord, making it important to get your spine checked at our practice.