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Are You Coasting?

woman on bicycle

Remember riding your bike up a hill so you could coast back down? There was an exhilarating sense of freedom as you accelerated to the bottom. When it comes to your health, are you coasting?

Coasting is a surefire way to invite a return of your original problem.

Imagine that your goal is to participate in a 10K fun run. To get in shape, you decide to run every day. When race day arrives, you’re able to run the full 10K without stopping. If you were to stop training would your ability to successfully run a 10K race remain with you until next year? Of course not.

Spinal health is like that too.

Discontinuing your care once you feel better (coasting) inclines your spine to return to old, unhealthy patterns. That’s why many people choose to continue with some type of ongoing supportive care. It helps them stay well after they get well.

Do Germs Cause Disease?

woman with cold

Louis Pasteur is responsible for the “germ theory” of disease. It’s based on the belief that germs cause disease and that exposure to them makes you sick.

Even on his deathbed, Pasteur confessed that it wasn’t germs that caused disease. Rather, it was the environment in which the germs were in. In other words – the conditions had to be just right for germs to manifest into a disease.

Parents are starting to understand that children need exposure to germs to gain natural immunity. In fact, many believe that the increase in allergies and asthma is the result of over-saniti[z]ation by “germophobic” parents.

When functioning without compromise, our immune system is effective at dealing with just about any germ you or I might encounter. Many who opt for regular chiropractic checkups often make a common observation. “I don’t seem to get the bug that’s always going around.” Coincidence?

Tension Headaches: Cause and Relief


Here are some basic facts about tension (stress) headaches. They usually affect women more often than men. Generally, you feel them coming on slowly, usually in the middle of the day. Today’s chiropractic care is often remarkably helpful for tension headache sufferers.

Tension headaches can be triggered by stress, fatigue or depression. As can certain activities in which you hold your head in the same position for a long time, such as working on a computer. Anxiety, PMS, anger and sleep issues are common triggers. Misalignments in the spine are even more common culprits.

Many who experience tension headaches rely on non-prescription medications. Ironically, overuse of these drugs can actually trigger tension headaches!

If you know someone who suffers from tension headaches, be sure to mention it on your next visit. Let’s figure out the best way to introduce them to today’s safe and natural chiropractic care.