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How to Feel What I Feel

woman with bullhorn

When I chose to become a chiropractor, I knew it was the hard, narrow difficult path. But I wanted to help others. Without the use of drugs or surgery. And chiropractic fit the bill perfectly.

Now, on an almost a daily basis, I experience the profound joy of bringing hope to others.

Patients who where threatened with surgery—surgery canceled. Those who had lost hope and told to learn to live with it? Enjoying relief. Those who were told that it was “all in their head”? Pain free at last. It’s a great feeling.

Which you can experience for yourself. How? By telling those you love about today’s safe and natural chiropractic care.

You’ll enjoy the deep, gratifying feeling that comes from helping others avoid needless suffering.

Chiropractic continues to thrive because of delighted patients like you telling others. Who do you know that should be seeing us?

“I Didn’t Do a Thing!”

man with back pain

We hear this all the time. Someone will come to our practice with pain or a loss of movement. When asked what caused it, they come up empty handed.

That’s because our marvelous bodies are always adapting to our environment. Until it can’t. And then symptoms appear.

The original event could have occurred years ago, when our body was better able to adapt. Often a car accident, even a little fender bender from a decade ago, can be the cause of current problems. Back then, a visit to the emergency room revealed no broken bones, so we were sent home with a muscle relaxer and told to take it easy.

If someone you love has been in a car accident, urge him or her to come in for a chiropractic checkup. That way we can catch little problems while they are still easier and faster to correct.

What Others Notice First

woman standing

It’s not your beautiful smile, your gorgeous jewelry or even your bank account. What others notice first about us is our posture.

Sad, but true. What does your posture reveal?

  • Depressed and down on your luck.
  • Head cocked to one side as if in a state of doubt.
  • Burdened by the weight of the world.

Poor posture is often a reflection of our mood. But the reverse can be true as well. A positive posture can produce feelings of strength, power and confidence. What’s a positive posture? Try it yourself and feel the difference:

  • Wonder Woman – With your feet squarely below your shoulders and your chest out, place your hands on both hips.
  • Victory Stance – Raise both hands in the shape of a “V,” as if you’ve just won the 100-meter dash.

Questions about your posture? Be sure to ask on your next visit.