2020 April
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2020 April

Staying Safe and Healthy During Coronavirus

As circumstances change around us, rest assured our practice stands with you during this global crisis. While we’ve always been committed to painstaking sanitation and implementing disease mitigation strategies, we’re taking extra special precautions these days.

As chiropractors, we have a role to play in helping “flatten the curve” and follow sound, scientific public health advice to slow the spread of the virus.

To help you stay healthy and safe, we thought we’d pass along a few tips:

  • Wash your hands with soap, for at least 20 seconds
  • Eat a well-balanced, nutrient rich diet
  • Maintain recommended social distancing
  • If you’re feeling ill, stay home – and reach out to your medical provider

As always, we’re here for you and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Natural Sciatica Relief

As the largest nerve in our bodies, it’s no wonder that so many people find themselves dealing with sciatic pain at some point in their lives.

Many reach for pills to manage this dull-to-sharp pain that can radiate from the legs, buttocks, and back. But you should know that many find relief with natural methods.

While you may think that movement causes more pain, discomfort caused by sciatica actually worsens from prolonged sitting or standing in a fixed position. Taking a brief 15-minute walk can bring relief to your sciatic nerve. Other natural methods for relieving pain brought on by sciatica include ice packs, moist heat packs, yoga, and massage.

Chiropractic care regularly helps those suffering with sciatica and leg pain. If you know someone in misery and has been threatened with back surgery, make sure they give us a call first. Remember, chiropractic first, drugs second and surgery last.

Hydration Strategies

It’s an essential building block for life and something we need to keep us going—yet so many people across the world don’t drink even half of the daily recommended amount of water to keep dehydration at bay. Why is water so important? It helps our bodies function better in nearly every way. And as chiropractors, we care about how your body performs day in and day out. Here are three simple ways that you can help your body take in more water each day:

1. Drink water through a straw. Why? Taking in water through a straw allows you to drink larger amounts in a shorter time.

2. Add fruits and veggies to your diet like watermelon, pineapple and tomato—all of which are more than 90% water.

3. Add ice to non-water drinks. This adds water to your beverage and keeps it cool.