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4 Tips to Prevent Holiday-induced Back Pain

With the holiday season upon us, we hope it’s a time filled with joy, family, and relaxation for all–and definitely NOT back pain. Sometimes, however, life gets in the way!

To help reduce back pain this month, follow these helpful holiday tips.

Celebrating Christmas? If you’re getting a tree this year, remember, they can be heavy! Lift trees (and heavy gifts for that matter) with your legs instead of your back. This way, you’ll lessen the risk of causing a strained or pulled muscle.

Stay hydrated. With all of the errands this time of year can bring, you’re likely moving around a bit more than usual. Hydration is key for a healthy back as the fluid-filled sacs in your spine need water to stay full.

If you’re traveling, remember to incorporate movement into your day. This may mean taking stops every hour or so if you’re driving to stretch and move your limbs. If you’re flying in a plane, get up and walk the aisles.

Schedule a visit with us. We’ll make sure your spine is well-aligned and ready to handle everything this season has to throw at you.

Why Seniors Should See a Chiropractor

Your golden years should be among the best of your life. In retirement, our hope for patients is that you’re able to see the world, enjoy your family, and do all of the things you love. Most of all, we want you to be able to do these things with ease and free from pain. Current patients love seeing us for a few popular reasons:

Pain relief. It’s no secret that with age comes a loss of bone density. Without a properly aligned spine, it’s easy for extra pressure on your vertebrae to cause problems. This can lead to things like pain, fractures, and muscle issues.

Balance and coordination. Falls are among the most common reasons elderly patients seek medical attention. Adjustments help to keep the receptors in our spine functioning without disturbance.

Improved range of motion. The easier you can move, the better you can enjoy life!

Warm Holiday Wishes to You and Yours

With the last month of 2021 upon us, we wanted to reflect on the past year and share our hopes for your health in 2022. May you find the motivation you’ve been missing, the courage to tackle your challenges, and the opportunities you’ve been seeking.

Though we’ve said it before, we can’t seem to say it enough: Thank you for choosing our practice and allowing us to be a part of your life and health. We hope to serve you for many years to come as we work together to achieve your goals in health.

As the New Year is just around the corner, we hope you’re able to slow down and enjoy these next few weeks of a year that’s felt more like a whirlwind.