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3 Ways to Snack Smarter

As a chiropractor, my job isn’t just to help you recover your health—it’s to help you stay healthy, too. Sometimes, this goes beyond your adjustments and into your diet. Admit it or not, everyone snacks—but not always healthily. Here are a few suggestions to help you snack smarter:

1. Keep chewing. Did you know that properly chewing a mouthful of food means upwards to 40 chews? Studies show that people who chew thoroughly feel fuller than those who wolf down their food.

2. Fill gaps with snacks. Finding it hard to fit in the recommended servings of fruits and veggies each day? Consider snacking on frozen grapes or celery with peanut butter to take the edge off your hunger.

3. Plan your snacks. The brown-bag approach never fails. Pack your snacks yourself so you aren’t stuck running to the vending machine when hunger strikes.

Exercise into Your Golden Years

Aging means celebrating the best years of your life with the ones you love. For some, it might mean visiting new places. For others, relaxing. Whatever it means to you, making time for exercise well into your elder years is crucial.

To start, it’s important to condition the mind to accept the challenges that often come with physical exertion. Don’t do this by setting out to run a 10K after years of inactivity. Instead, set small goals, adding more distance or repetitions to your exercise routine each day. Building your strength and endurance slowly over time can help avoid a needless injury.

One of the best exercises that gives just about every muscle in your body a good workout is also the most convenient: walking.

To improve your balance and reduce the likelihood of falls, consider regular chiropractic care. Avoid exercising malfunctioning spinal joints and see improved balance and greater energy. Enjoy!

Back Pain Do’s and Don’ts

Got back pain? You’re not alone. Consider these do’s and don’ts to help you get through and out of injury.

DO: Strengthen your core. Regular exercise strengthens important core muscle groups including obliques, pelvic floor and deep abdominals.

DON’T: Sleep on your stomach. Stomach sleepers put the largest amount of pressure on their spine, head and neck leading to pain throughout the day.

DO: Keep hydrated. Because our body is mostly water, it needs proper, steady replenishment to keep functioning properly.

DON’T: Sit for long periods of time. Do you work at a desk all day? Set a reminder to get up and move at least once each hour.

DO: Visit our practice to get checked. You shouldn’t have to live in pain, and chiropractic care works to correct the underlying issue. Give our practice a call today.