2014 July
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2014 July

Have You Moved Today?

People playing with beach ball

Exercise is important, but are you finding it difficult to get started? Try these simple tips:

Think movement, not exercise.
Many people look for the perfect exercise program to help improve their health. Start by simply moving your body in your home through performing daily tasks and activities.

Take a walk.
One great activity to start with is walking. Walking is a simple way to get moving. Start by going down the street and back. Increase your speed over time as you improve each day. Walking strengthens your muscles and boosts your energy levels.

Try something new!
Trying out a new activity helps change things up a bit and adds fun to your workout. Plus, you’re still moving, which means you’re getting healthier. Let’s talk about how you can started. Give us a call!

Hand Sanitizer, You Decide

Hand sanitizer

We’re taught to have clean hands from a young age. Hand sanitizers are thought to be an easy solution, convenient for traveling or to use when the public bathroom is out of soap.

But there is one catch: hand sanitizers commonly sold may actually not be making your hands cleaner and may actually not be best for your health.

True, hand sanitizer may kill some bacteria. However, by using it, you may actually make the bacteria on your hands resistant to the sanitizer you’re trying to kill the germs with. These bacteria then become treatment-resistant.

Having germs that can’t be “killed off” could have negative health consequences.

Consider also what chemicals might be in these sanitizers. Do you want them seeping into your skin?

The decision is yours, but why not stick to good, old-fashioned soap and water to clean your hands?

Pain’s Purpose

Purpose of pain

What is the purpose of pain?

Pain causes you to pay attention to something that has ceased working correctly.

It’s a warning that a limit of some type has been reached in terms of function and that the body is not equipped to handle the activity and is unable to adapt further.

It’s a not-too-subtle way your body alerts you that a change in your action is required.

In many ways, pain is a good thing. It’s only when we misinterpret the pain or make it go away without tending to its underlying cause that we get into trouble. That’s what happens when we rely only on pain medication to “make it go away.”

Many people begin care in our practice because of a painful symptom. If you’re experiencing pain we promise to help identify the underlying cause of your problem and offer safe and natural solutions to your body’s cry for help.