2013 May
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2013 May

May 2013 Newsletter

What’s Really Important?

Mom and baby

We have it made these days, with all of the conveniences our grandparents couldn’t even dream of!

But with cell phones, overnight delivery, texting and the like, it seems the latest time-saving technology increases expectations and makes us busier than we were before we had all these “conveniences.”

How we use time can be a major source of stress.

How you use this most precious of all resources reveals a lot about your purpose and what you value.

Many of us work 60- and 70-hours a week in the hopes of having a better life. But our families hardly see us. So who are we really putting all those hours in for?

Stress is something we do to ourselves by what we think is important. While chiropractic care can help each of us better accommodate stress, a better strategy is to slow down and make sure we’re investing our time in what’s really important.


Mechanical arm

It’s convenient to think of our bodies as machines that take in energy and are able to perform millions of different tasks. But seeing ourselves as mere machines overlooks one critical factor. You and I are self healing. Machines aren’t.

It’s this self-healing capacity that intrigued the very first chiropractor. Why was it that one man would get sick, when another working beside him, exposed to the same germs did not?

This led D.D. Palmer to question the prevailing germ theory of the time. “It must not be the germ, but something intrinsic to the man,” he surmised. Now we know that healthy individuals are perfectly equipped to handle just about any germ or virus that comes our way. In fact, your body is doing it right now without a single conscious thought from you.

Aren’t you glad you’re not a machine?

Righting Your Body

Man leaning on wall

Chiropractors understand that the underlying cause of many health problems is from nervous system disturbances along the spine. This often shows up as one or more spinal bones that are stuck and not moving correctly. Many think that a chiropractic adjustment puts the wayward bone back into its proper position.

Actually, bones are static structures. They move when acted upon by a muscle.

And muscles only contract when commanded by your nervous system.

That’s why chiropractic is actually about the quality of your nervous system, not the condition of your spinal column.

Your body does the actual healing. The energy I supply with the adjustment just helps things along. Repeated visits help retrain muscles and with time, your body can “right” itself.