2013 April
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2013 April

April 2013 Newsletter

Fully You

Man looking in mirror

When chiropractors observe that chiropractic care has helped people with a wide variety of health problems, some mistakenly think that means that we are treating disease.

However, nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact is, we locate and help reduce nervous system disturbances (usually along the spine) that interfere with your ability to be fully you.

Being fully you includes everything from bending, walking and sleeping to breathing, fighting infection and healing a cut.

When the integrity of your nervous system is revived, your body is more likely to work as it was designed. For some, that capacity returns quickly. For others, it’s slower.

Please don’t blame chiropractic when results come slowly. Likewise, don’t credit chiropractic when success comes quickly. It’s your body that does the healing. What you bring to the table is actually more important than what we do on the table!

Normal vs. Average

Doctor taking blood pressure

You weigh yourself on the scales. You take the temperature of your child. A doctor takes your pulse and measures your blood pressure. These measurements are compared with hundreds of other people from which averages are obtained.

Which begs the question, is average normal?

Averages have a place, but they can distort reality and treat us as if we were mechanisms, like a wristwatch.

Most watches don’t know when you’ve changed time zones. Or that daylight savings time has ended. In other words, your wristwatch doesn’t have the intelligence to adapt to the environment. But your body does.

That’s why we don’t see fevers, elevated blood pressure or other such findings as the problem. They’re just signs that the body is adapting to something.

What’s really going on?

Is this a recent problem?

A lifestyle issue?

We’re interested in you, not just your symptoms. Because what’s normal for you may not be normal for me.

Wanting More

Balanced stones

What are you hoping to get from your chiropractic care? Less pain? Less tightness? Or more health? More movement? Or more life?

Many people begin care because they have an ache or a pain they want to silence. In other words, they start out wanting less. As they learn what chiropractic care is (and what it isn’t) they discover it could offer more. More of what they really want. Participating in that discovery is one of the greatest joys of our practice.

Some don’t see the implication between a proactive (more) and a reactive (less) approach to their health. Instead, they prefer to come in only when they have obvious symptoms. No worries. We love them just as much.

Everyone shows up at a different place on this journey of self discovery. We’re merely here to serve, whether they want less or more.