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Chiropractic Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic

Questions or concerns? Below are some of the most common questions about chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Adjustments »

Chiropractic FAQsQ. Just what is a chiropractic adjustment?
Q. Are all patients adjusted in the same way?

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Vertebral Subluxations »

Q. What is a vertebral subluxation?
Q. How do you get vertebral subluxations?

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Chiropractic Philosophy »

Q. How does chiropractic work?
Q. Are chiropractic results merely the result of the placebo effect?

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Children and Chiropractic »

Q. At what age is it appropriate for chiropractors to see children?
Q. Is chiropractic a safe treatment for colic?

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Chiropractic Safety »

Q. Are chiropractic adjustments safe?
Q. Is it safe for pregnant patients to have chiropractic care?

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Chiropractic Examinations »

Q. What type of examination can I expect?
Q. Does chiropractic care require the use of X-rays?

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First Visit to a Chiropractor »

Q. Do I need a referral to see a chiropractor?
Q. What can I expect on a typical visit to a chiropractor?

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Chiropractic Costs »

Q. Is chiropractic care expensive?
Q. Do insurance policies cover chiropractic care?

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Chiropractors Education »

Q. Are chiropractors real doctors?
Q. What type of education do chiropractors receive?

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