2015 June
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2015 June

Knowing Where to Adjust

Woman having neck adjusted

Have you ever noticed that your particular spinal complaint is in one area of your spine, but I adjust a different part of your spine? How come?

We see the spine as an integrated whole.

Since your spine is designed to help you deal with gravity, a problem in one area is often offset by a problem in another. We call these compensation reactions.

For example, someone complaining of low back pain can often have an even more profound problem in their upper neck. But it hasn’t produced symptoms. Yet.

Their head misalignment is producing the problem in their lower spine. As we adjust their neck (where there are no symptoms) it can better support the weight of the body and the low back pain resolves!

So, while chiropractic adjustments are specific and targeted, our focus is on the integrity of your entire spine, not just the area exhibiting symptoms.

Fighting Chaos

Overwhelmed man with his hand to his face

Because you and I have a physical body, we’re subjected to various laws of the physical universe.

Among them, the second Law of Thermodynamics states that things go from order to disorder.

You may have noticed this with objects. Over time your cupboards get cluttered, your lawn becomes infested with weeds and car parts wear out.

With neglect, this happens to our bodies as well.

Various forces such as gravity, poor diet, lack of rest and exercise, negative attitudes and countless other stresses, cause our bodies to break down.

Fortunately, we have an internal force that constantly works to counteract these external forces. (Our ability to heal is related to this internal force.)

Turns out, this inborn intelligence of our body relies on the nervous system—the focus of chiropractic care.

Make a change!

Go from disorder to order with proper rest, exercise and a visit to our practice today!

Where Is My Health?

Man and woman holding their arms up in the air

Knowing where to look is the fastest way to find something. We help so many people recover their health because we know where to look.

One of the key tenets of chiropractic is that health is our natural state.

When someone isn’t healthy, we look for what could be interfering with this natural ability by looking for the underlying cause of the symptom.

Typically, we find a disturbance in the controlling or regulating impulses of the nervous system, producing a myriad of conditions that go by thousands of different names.

The most common source of compromise in this brain/body communication is from the moving bones of the spine.

Headaches? Look to the spine. Acid reflux? Look to the spine. Inflamed tonsils? Look to the spine. Asthma? You get the idea.

Does that mean chiropractic can cure everything? Of course not. But to regain your health, it’s a great place to start looking!