2013 June
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2013 June

June 2013 Newsletter

That’s a Big Idea!

Big idea

It’s the foundation of chiropractic: It’s the “Big Idea.”

To appreciate the big idea, consider a couple small ideas.

Pain relievers are a small idea. Sure, if you have an ache or pain, relief is a big deal.

But ingesting a drug that stops your brain from sensing pain is actually a dangerous idea!

Germs are a small idea. (There are over 300 different types in your mouth right now!) Our body successfully deals with them all the time. They’re only an issue on those rare occasions when we create a hospitable environment for them to flourish. Germs are small, but the fear is needlessly large.

Just what is the Big Idea?

It’s the idea that you and I are self-healing. When we function as we were created, we’re naturally healthy and are able to heal. When you’re not healthy, something is interfering with this ability. Since your nervous system controls the whole show, that’s where we look.

No Chiropractic “Diet!”

chiropractic diet

“What do you think of Atkins? Or South Beach?”

It’s a question I get all the time. But every diet has a serious flaw. It’s the diet part.

Name the diet, and if someone follows it, they’ll usually lose some weight. But they soon return to their original eating and exercise habits and they’re back where they began.

Many people see their chiropractic care as a “diet” of sorts. They come in while they’re hurting but stop when they’re feeling better. Later, they experience a relapse.

That’s because lasting spinal changes are made with continued care after symptoms subside.

Getting and keeping our nervous systems interference-free is a lifestyle choice. That’s why more and more patients opt to see us on an ongoing basis. They’re the ones who tried the chiropractic diet and decided to go for the chiropractic lifestyle.



From time to time we get calls from patients notifying us that they are either too sick to keep their appointment or fearful that their presence in our practice would needlessly expose us to their germs.

Allow me to correct some serious misconceptions!

If you’re sick, you probably have subluxations and could benefit greatly from an adjustment. Try to keep your appointment. It’s likely to help your recovery.

If we were to somehow “catch” everything that our patients had, we’d be sick all the time. But we’re not. Because… We do many things to keep our immune systems strong. Among them is getting regular chiropractic adjustments. Just like you.

We appreciate your concern. But we’d rather you came in anyway.