2015 July
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2015 July

The Right Conditions

Flower in a field of grass

How come some people go from one cold to the next, getting all the bugs that “go around” and others don’t?

It was this very question that prompted D. D. Palmer back in 1895 to pursue what we call chiropractic!

We meet a lot of people who are fearful of germs. But germs are a lot like seeds. Ever try to start a lawn or plant a garden without seeds?

It doesn’t just happen. The conditions have to be just right! Same with germs manifesting into disease.

A common factor is a depressed immune system, and your nervous system affects the function of your immune system.

Weakened by a compromised nervous system, your stomach, lungs, nose, ears and throat become the perfect “soil” for viruses, microbes and other bugs.

Restoring the integrity of the nervous system is what chiropractic does. It’s a simple idea that helps our patients enjoy better health, naturally.

What’s the Big Idea?

A light bulb hidden under the glass

It’s the very foundation of chiropractic.

To appreciate the “Big Idea,” consider a couple of the smaller ideas.

Pain relievers are a small idea. Sure, if you have an ache or pain, relief is a big deal.

But ingesting something that stops your brain from sensing pain may actually be a dangerous idea.

Germs are a small idea. Our body successfully deals with them all the time. (There are over 300 different types in your mouth right now!)

They’re only an issue on those rare situations when we create a hospitable environment for them to flourish. Germs are small, but the fear is needlessly large.

Just what is the Big Idea?

It’s the idea that you and I are self-healing. That perfect health is our birthright.

When we function as we were created, we’re naturally healthy and are able to heal. When you’re not healthy, something is interfering with this ability.

Since your nervous system controls the whole show, that’s where we look.

Recommitting to Your Goals

Two people walking up a dock at the creek

It wasn’t that long ago that many of us resolved to make changes in our lives.

What happened?

Consider some of the traits of those who keep new, healthier habits:

They believe in their ability to change. They know that keeping old habits and forming new ones are choices that are within their control.

They don’t blame themselves or make excuses. Instead of giving up after “falling off the wagon,” they dust themselves off and recommit to their goal.

They learn from their mistakes, and resolve not to repeat them. They concentrate on measurable results. They track their progress.

They make change a long-term lifestyle decision. Abandoning unhealthy habits requires thinking long term.

If you’ve fallen out of the habit of regular, preventative chiropractic care, it’s not too late! Call us to schedule an appointment.