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Chiropractic Methods

Chiropractic Methods

Besides the all-important chiropractic adjustment, some chiropractic practices will use other methods. These methods are typically more therapeutic and tend to help with pain relief, muscle spasms and structural issues:

Chiropractic methods and therapeutic treatmentsCyrotherapy – It’s just a fancy name for a method that involves ice or another cooling agent to reduce localized pain. Most chiropractors recommend that ice be applied for no more than 10 minutes at a time and no more frequently than once an hour.

Moist heat – Long-standing spinal problems often benefit from this method of improving blood circulation and flexibility. A hot water bottle wrapped with a moistened towel can work nicely. Avoid using a heating pad or applying any heat directly to the spine.

Trigger point therapy – This is a method for reducing the pain from muscles in spasm. By applying a gentle pressure with a thumb, elbow or instrument, muscles relax and lactic acid and other toxins are released.

Electrical muscle stimulation – A high-tech method for reducing inflammation, muscle spasm and pain is to stimulate affected muscles with a special type of electrical current. Using strategically placed electrode pads, the electrical current excites muscles with rhythmic contractions.

Foot orthotics – Imbalance in hip height, foot pronation, knee and ankle problems can often be corrected with specially designed shoe insoles. These can help restore proper arches and improve structural imbalances so chiropractic adjustments work better and last longer.

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