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Chiropractic Procedures

Chiropractic Procedures

Initial chiropractic visitThere is considerable debate among chiropractors as to what are the most optimum practice procedures. Recognizing that what chiropractors do on the initial visits with a new patient can have lasting effects, two chiropractic procedures have gained popularity:

One-visit procedure – Much like a visit to a medical practitioner, this procedure covers all bases in one visit. Expect to complete some admitting paperwork, meet the chiropractor, receive an examination, learn what was found and get a chiropractic adjustment(s) over the course of about a one-hour initial visit. Expect subsequent visits to be shorter since there will be few procedures.

Two-visit procedure – Many chiropractors find a two-visit procedure to be less overwhelming for the patient. In these situations, the typical first visit office procedure will include the admitting paperwork, consultation and examination. And then either later the same day or the next day, the second visit procedure begins with a report of the examination findings, followed by the first chiropractic adjustment(s).

Either way, you should plan on at least 45 minutes for the first visit. Once the introductory procedures are complete, future visits can range from 10- to 20-minutes. Just remember, you’re not buying the chiropractor’s time, but rather the outcome of a better functioning nervous system!

Chiropractors Do More With Less

Because chiropractors acknowledge that doctors and drugs don’t heal, their chiropractic methods and procedures are designed to do one thing: enhance your ability to self-heal. It’s a revolutionary idea that has been helping people of all ages for over a century. Naturally. Without drugs or surgery.