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Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic techniquesOf all the things that chiropractors do, delivering specific spinal adjustments is among the most important. Regardless of which chiropractic technique or techniques your chiropractor uses, there are several distinctions worth noting:

Segmental Thrust – The more traditional chiropractic techniques involve applying a precise force to a specific spinal segment. Examples include diversified, Thompson Terminal Point Technique, Gonstead, Pettibon, Clinical Biomechanics of Posture® and many others.

Tonal Nonforce – There are a number of chiropractic techniques that are considered low-force chiropractic techniques. Examples include Torque Release Technique, Network Spinal Analysis, Bio-Geometric Integration, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, S.O.T. and others.

Another distinction among chiropractors, which many find fascinating when observing what chiropractors do, is the area of the spine to which they apply their chiropractic techniques. Both approaches produce results and high levels of patient satisfaction:

Full spine – Many chiropractors will adjust misaligned spinal segments up and down the entire length of the spine.

Upper cervical – Some chiropractors believe that the primary problem is always in the uppermost part of the spine and everything else is a compensation reaction, so they limit their spinal adjustments to just the upper neck.

Some chiropractic practices will use other methods, typically more therapeutic, and tend to help with pain relief, muscle spasms and structural issues. Read on…