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Chiropractic Technique

Chiropractic Techniques and Chiropractor Methods

Chiropractic adjusting techniques are an integral part of the chiropractic college curriculum. Since chiropractic adjustments are the primary form of intervention, chiropractors typically choose three or four chiropractic techniques and become masters at their delivery. This gives them the flexibility of working with infants, pregnant moms and seniors and practically anyone else seeking chiropractic care.

Which Chiropractic Technique is Best?

Chiropractic techniqueThe debate rages, both within the profession and among patients who receive them, as to which technique is best. Best in what respect?

From a clinical perspective, virtually all chiropractic techniques attempt to improve spinal alignment and reduce nervous system interference. Some are done by hand. Others with a handheld instrument. Some will attend to the full spine. Others to just one area.

And the chiropractic techniques listed at the link below all have amazing track records for producing high levels of patient satisfaction and clinical results. This becomes a matter of personal preference, often based on the skill of the provider. Delivering an effective chiropractic adjustment, regardless of technique, is the real “art” of chiropractic.

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