What Do Adjustments Feel Like?
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What Do Adjustments Feel Like?

What Do Chiropractic Adjustments Feel Like?

Besides the pleasant sense of well-being described earlier, the chiropractic adjustment produces a variety of sensations based on the adjusting technique used by the chiropractor.

What do chiropractic adjustments feel likeThrust – Most chiropractic adjustment approaches involve using the chiropractor’s hands to apply a quick “push” to a wayward spinal bone.

Toggle – A type of chiropractic neck adjustment in which quick pressure is applied to the uppermost spinal bone, creating a subtle rearrangement of affected vertebrae.

Instrument – Various instruments have been developed that produce quick and highly targeted energy, directed at a precise angle.

Touch – Some adjustment techniques involve a quick touch at specific intervals during the respiratory cycle. Many are surprised by the profound effects of such a small amount of energy.

Regardless of technique, chiropractic adjustments are pleasant, completely natural and lack the adverse side effects associated with pain medications.

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