Adjustment Outcomes
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Adjustment Outcomes

Chiropractic Adjustment Outcomes

When contemplating receiving chiropractic adjustments, you should know that there are usually three different responses:

Immediate Improvement

Chiropractic adjustment improvementWithin three or four visits, most patients, even the most skeptical, usually see enough progress to be convinced to complete their care plan. As each visit builds on prior ones, the spine slowly assumes a more healthful pattern. Careful! Stopping your care too soon, or missing visits, can either stall your recovery or invite a relapse.

Temporary Worsening

In some instances, especially in cases of recent trauma or injury (such as a car accident), it can seem as if your problem is worsening. This is common and to be expected. Reducing the inflammation produced by your body from the original accident or injury takes time. Remain hopeful and maintain your visit schedule.

Slower Results

In cases of long-standing health problems, progress usually comes more slowly. Many chronic health problems can take years to reach the symptomatic stage, so in these cases, recovery can be slower. If you don’t see progress in 6-10 visits, your case may require a different adjustment protocol or an increase in the frequency of your visits.

Chiropractic Adjustments Are Safe and Natural

Chiropractic adjustments have a remarkable safety record. This has allowed chiropractic care to thrive for more than a century—while high-tech medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have sent health care costs higher and higher. You do not have a drug shortage. But you may have a brain-to-body communications problem.

Find out!

Chiropractic adjustments and the care you receive from your chiropractor involve a partnership. This all-natural approach depends on the healing potential of each patient. So results vary. You’re the doctor!

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