How to Pay for Chiropractic
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How to Pay for Chiropractic

How to Pay for the Cost of Chiropractic Care

Regardless of the cost of your care, and even if you have insurance, there will be some type of financial exchange. Most chiropractors offer a variety of ways to pay:

How to pay for chiropractic careCash – Virtually every chiropractic practice will accept cash, a personal check or a major credit card.

CareCredit – Like a credit card, many chiropractors participate with CareCredit to help patients finance unplanned medical emergencies.

Health insurance – Most traditional insurance policies cover at least some chiropractic care; however, you may have to fulfill certain deductible amounts and contribute a modest co-payment.

Discount medical plans – Some chiropractors participate in discount medical plans such as ChiroHealthUSA, so with a modest enrollment fee they can legally extend discounts on their published fees.

Time of service discounts – When paying cash on the day you receive your chiropractic care, many practices can extend a 10% -15% discount because they avoid billing procedures and waiting for reimbursement from a third party.

Hardship arrangements – Most chiropractors will extend discounts if you can demonstrate financial hardship.

You can relax, knowing that many chiropractors will not turn you away because of your inability to pay.