Chiropractic Procedures and Their Cost
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Chiropractic Procedures and Their Cost

Chiropractic Procedures and Their Cost

The cost of chiropractic care is usually based on the procedures that are performed or the special training or unique services that are offered. Some procedures only occur at the beginning of care, such as an X-ray examination. Others are performed at every visit.

Here are the most common chiropractic procedures and the costs associated with each:

When Performed Typical Costs
Consultation Visit 1 Usually free
Examination Visit 1 $150 – $300
X-ray Exam Visit 1 $25 – $50 per view
Report of Findings Visit 1 or 2 Part of the initial examination
Adjustment Every visit $20 – $60
Reevaluation Every 12 visits $100

Some practices will also recommend adjunctive procedures during the early stages of care to reduce inflammation or to enhance the healing response. Published fees for these additional services vary significantly.

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