Chiropractic Fees and Discounts
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Chiropractic Fees and Discounts

Chiropractic Fees and Discounts

Chiropractors, like all licensed health practitioners, are keenly aware that their fees are increasingly out of reach by those who need their care the most. This has prompted many chiropractors to look for ways to lower their fees to make their care more affordable. Even those with insurance can have difficulty. Especially those who have insurance policies with high deductibles to meet.

Here are some of the more common ways to reduce chiropractic fees:

Chiropractic fees and discountsSame Day Discount Fees – If you pay for your care the day you receive your care, chiropractors will often extend a time-of-service discount. Fees can be reduced from 10% to 15% by saving the chiropractor the cost of creating and sending a bill and waiting to get paid.

Two Fees – Charging insurance carriers and cash-paying patients a different fee (often less than the insurance carriers) is illegal in most jurisdictions. It would probably be a good idea to avoid these practices.

Financial Hardship Fees – Can you prove that paying a chiropractor’s published fees would constitute a financial hardship? Then you may be eligible to receive a discounted fee arrangement.

Discount Medical Plans – This is one way that practitioners can have a dual fee system and still operate legally. The chiropractor becomes a provider for a recognized discount medical plan, which the patient joins for a nominal fee to access a lower fee.

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