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Chiropractic Price

The Price of Chiropractic Care

Price of chiropractic careWhat price would you put on your health? In other words, what is your health worth?

Many people will spend only the barest minimum to keep their health, but they’ll spend their last dime to recover it.

The price of chiropractic care is amazingly low when compared with traditional medical intervention. However, each has its place and each has its own philosophy and purpose.

While medicine is interested in the problem in the person, chiropractors tend to be far more interested in the person with the problem! The financial price tag associated with these two very different strategies can be striking.

Price of Sick Care and Price of Life Care

We call it “health” care, but it actually has very little to do with one’s health! Instead, our expensive and largely ineffective “health” care system is about suppressing symptoms and attending to individuals after they’ve lost their well-being. After consuming about 17% of our Gross National Product, the population of the United States ranks below many third world countries. Our so-called health care system would be more accurately called a “Sick Care” system.

Life Care is different. It’s about employing strategies and adopting habits that enhance our overall well-being and help us become all that we can be. You’ll recognize many of these approaches. Consider the price associated with these:

  • Brushing and flossing our teeth
  • Drinking ample amounts of pure water
  • Getting enough exercise and restful sleep
  • Maintaining the proper weight for our height
  • Eating nutritious, unadulterated foods
  • Positive mental attitude and mental health
  • Prayer, meditation and spiritual connections

To this list, many would add regular chiropractic checkups to keep the nervous system functioning in tip-top condition, since it’s the master system that controls every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body!

More telling is that insurance carriers, Health Maintenance Organizations and governmental programs, such as Medicare, are uninterested in providing financial reimbursement for these proactive approaches that advance true health.

Instead of supporting measures that could actually serve to reduce medical costs, they pay a much higher price to get someone well after they’ve lost their health.

Is the price of a chiropractic adjustment way out of line when compared to a common, over-the-counter pain reliever? Read on…