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Insurance Coverage

Chiropractic Insurance Coverage and Your Chiropractor

Most insurance policies cover at least some chiropractic care. But before we explore health insurance and chiropractic, you should understand how the insurance industry actually works.

Chiropractic insurance coverageInsurance carriers are regulated in the states in which do business. Since they are almost always public corporations with shareholders, by law they have to make a profit. Profit results from charging the policyholder the highest premium possible, and minimizing the reimbursement to chiropractors and other practitioners.

Holding on to premiums for sometimes months, investing them in the stock market, before reimbursing the doctor who delivered the service months earlier, can increase profits even further.

Health Insurance Covers Chiropractic, But…”

These days, since most insurance policies have very high deductibles (USD $5,000 to $10,000 isn’t uncommon) or require substantial co-payments to be made by the patient, suggesting that an insurance policy “covers chiropractic” is somewhat misleading!

If your health insurance policy is more generous, it might place a cap on the number of visits that are covered. Or place a financial limit on the amount of chiropractic care that will be reimbursed.

These cost-saving measures improve insurance company profits and often provide for only the most superficial care. The unhappy result is that weeks or months later, the problem returns because there wasn’t sufficient post-symptomatic care to strengthen and retrain supporting spinal muscles.

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