Chiropractic Costs
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Chiropractic Costs

Chiropractic Costs FAQ

Is chiropractic care expensive?

Paying for chirorpactic careIt depends on your definition of expensive. The cost varies depending on the severity of your condition and how many visits will be necessary to create lasting change. Naturally, there won’t be the cost of prescription drugs, surgery or expensive specialists.

Do insurance policies cover chiropractic care?

Most do, however coverage may vary from a token six visits to a limited dollar amount. Every policy is different and they are constantly changing.

Do chiropractors accept credit cards?

Most do. Some chiropractors can also help you arrange to have your care financed through third parties such as CareCredit and others.

Do chiropractors offer reduced fees if I don’t have insurance?

In most cases “hardship arrangements” can be established based on your income and expenses. Additionally, some chiropractors offer time-of-service discounts – when you pay for your care on the day you receive it the processing costs of billing are eliminated. This can often lower the chiropractor’s published fees by 10% to 15%. Finally, some chiropractors participate in medical discount plans such as ChiroHealthUSA, which permit them to legally charge plan members a different fee than they report to insurance carriers. If finances are a concern, be sure to clarify before beginning care.

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