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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Maintenance Care

Chiropractic maintenance careChiropractic wellness is often confused with traditional maintenance care.

Most people begin chiropractic care because of an ache or pain. After they achieve symptomatic relief, many chiropractors will offer a form of ongoing supportive care commonly called maintenance care.

True, regular chiropractic care can help maintain your progress and avoid a relapse. How frequently you’ll need to see the chiropractor is based on the stressors in your life. Visits might be as often as once a week or just once a year. In either case, the intention of chiropractic maintenance care is to help preserve your progress and avoid a relapse. Think of it as “treading water.”

Chiropractic Prevention Care

Chiropractic preventative care is still another distinction. And what distinguishes it from other types of chiropractic health and wellness is the patient’s motive for pursuing it.

While maintenance care is about preserving what you’ve attained, chiropractic prevention strategies are about early detection and catching new problems as early as possible. This approach can wisely reduce needless flare-ups and the expense you incur when problems become full blown.

While using chiropractic as a prevention tactic makes a lot of sense, there is still a higher use of chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Wellness Care

Chiropractic prevention careChiropractic wellness care is a proactive approach that looks to optimize one’s life and self-expression to become all that you can.

We experience life through our nervous system, whether enjoying our child’s laughter, digesting our dinner or running to catch a bus. An unhampered nervous system is a key to living life to the fullest. That’s why optimizing our spine and nervous system is so critical to our becoming all that we can be. Wellness chiropractic care and other healthy habits create new possibilities to be your best.

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