Why Not Walk?!
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Why Not Walk?!

Why Not Walk?!

Exercise and Fitness

Bring a friend, a dog, or both to help you enjoy the exercise benefits walking provides.

You’ve frequently heard about the health benefits of walking, but unfortunately, many of us see it as a boring activity that we do alone. However, there are a number of ways to make walking fun, lose weight and reap some wonderful health benefits!

Fun you say? Yes, fun! Consider these suggestions:

  • Get a friend to join you – Exercise is always more fun when you have a friend along – and you may not even notice how far you’re gone or how long you’ve been walking when you’re engaged in conversation.
  • What about Fido? Stop letting your dog out the back door and put him/her on a leash – then let him/her take the lead and just try to keep up! You’ll both get more fit.
  • Make it a game – Take an uncharted path or walk until you see five “For Sale” signs. Play a new game every day.
  • Walk to the music – Take along an MP3 player and walk to the music. Speed it up to a fast song and slow it down a bit to a ballad.
  • Window shop while you walk – not only will you save money – you’ll get some great exercise as well!
  • When it gets too cold or hot – head to an indoor shopping [center] to walk. Walk along each level and take the stairs – no escalators – that’s cheating!
  • “Read” a book while you walk – get an audio book and you’ll be looking forward to each day’s chapter as you get in shape.
  • Change the times when you walk so it’s not so routine – morning sunrise one day, lunch break another or after dinner.
  • Give yourself a reward – monetary or other – to make walking rewarding as more than just exercise!

Walking can be fun and great exercise to relieve stress, to lose or maintain weight and to give yourself a feeling of accomplishment. And if you’re able – walk to our practice for your regular chiropractic appointments to stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.