The Truth About Bedwetting
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The Truth About Bedwetting

The Truth About Bedwetting

Boy hiding under his bed sheets

Bedwetting is a devastating problem for both parents and children. Chiropractic care may help!

Parents who have a child experiencing problems with wetting the bed understand the deep shame and sadness their child feels each time it happens again. You’ve probably tried everything, from rewards or perhaps even punishments and doctor visits. Maybe you’ve added plastic sheets to the bed or made pull-ups a normal part of the nighttime routine.

Many children can also have problems during daytime hours. This is frustrating for both parents and children, but often it’s something the child can’t control: a spinal problem.

Why Does It Happen?

Bedwetting, or Enuresis, is controlled by your brain, which regulates the bladder and every other part of the human body by sending messages down your spinal cord. A problem in the spine, then, can mean that these messages aren’t being received. This can easily affect your child’s ability to empty their bladder at the right times.

How Can We Help?

Your child can be evaluated for any spinal problems that may be causing bedwetting. Although your child may not complain of back problems or pain, this misalignment in their back can be so subtle that they’re not able to feel it.

Parents are usually just prepared to wait for their child to grow out of this problem, but it can last for years, in many cases well beyond 4-5 years of age. We can evaluate a child of any age for this common problem and get both you and your children back to a good night’s sleep, every night!