Recharge Your Health : Part 2
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Recharge Your Health : Part 2

How To Recharge Your Whole Health in 1 Month

Part 2

Earlier this month we started a three-part series on how to refresh all aspects of your health (mental, social, spiritual, environmental, emotional and physical). In our last post, we talked about simple ideas to improve your mental and social health because it’s important (and often forgotten) to pay attention to every part of your health (not just your weight).

Woman stretching by ocean

Light your candles and enjoy a peaceful, serene evening at home.

Take care of YOU so you feel your best. You deserve it!

So, if you’re just joining us, try to do something on the list each day! Then, enjoy the refreshed and positive feeling you get from taking care of yourself. Now, let’s take a look at two more parts of your health, spiritual and environmental.

Let’s Think About Your Spiritual Health

Spiritual health is your values, beliefs and what you find meaningful in life. It’s what gives you direction and joy!

So, what does your spiritual life look like? Do you know what you believe and why? Think about the things or people that influence your beliefs, if you’re happy with where you are or you need to make a change? There’s lots of obstacles in life that may get in your way, distracting you from having the kind of spiritual life you desire, and now’s the time to think about it.

You’re in control, so you can have the healthiest spiritual health you want, you just have to put some energy into it! So, let’s get started.

Practice forgiveness. Holding onto a grudge? It’s time to put it in the past and let yourself heal so you can move forward.

Reevaluate your values. What do you find important? And, what areas of your life would you like to make changes in. Jot them down somewhere so you can stay accountable.

Find peace. Spend some time to pray, meditate or simply just count your blessings. You are blessed, and it’s good to remember that.

Think about what your purpose in life is. You’re here for a reason, so live each day with a purpose!

Judge less, love more. Remember, everyone is fighting a battle you may not know about. And, the world needs more love. So try to be more understanding and caring each day.

Focus on the good. Whatever is good, whatever is lovely, whatever is right focus on these things. The rest… isn’t worth your time.

Senior couple laughing together

Surround yourself with good hearted, funny people.

Environmental Health, What’s That?

All that surrounds you, the colors, sounds, people, decor and mess… all affects your environmental health, and therefore your overall wellness. It’s often overlooked; many of us forget how “good” it feels to have a clean home or a good friend nearby. It’s because whether we realize it or not, that makes up our environment.

So, let’s focus on creating the happiest, healthiest environment for yourself and your loved ones:

Go deep. Spend a few hours a weekend working on deep cleaning and organizing your home. Or, start small with the messy closet or cupboard. You’ll feel so much better. Just take it one junk drawer at a time!

De-clutter your house to de-clutter your mind. If it’s not beautiful, joyful or memorable, rid your home of the clutter that’s just collecting dust (donate it to a local charity or someone in need).

Fill your kitchen with healthy, beautiful fruits and veggies! Not only are fruits and veggies beautiful, you’ll eat more when they’re in plain sight.

Surround yourself with good hearted, funny people. Laughing is contagious, so spend time with those that bring you joy.

Enjoy some silence. Declare a night “technology” free to just enjoy the presence of family and pets. Enjoy a peaceful and serene home without any rings, beeps or adverts in the background. Sigh, and take it all in.

Lit aromatherapy candles on tray

Light your candles and enjoy a peaceful, serene evening at home.

Use the good stuff. Light your candles, put out the good china and wear your favorite sweaters. Stop saving your “special” things for a specific occasion, today is special enough.

Get regularly adjusted. The quality of our nervous system determines how well we can adapt to our environment and handle stress-even our ability to avoid the “bugs” that go around.

Wondering why your chiropractor is encouraging you to de-clutter your home or re-evaluate your values?

While we cherish the value of how chiropractic care enhances your health, we also believe that wellness goes beyond your physical health. We believe that it’s important to focus on all the areas of your health that come together for your truest wellness. So, let us know how your challenge is going and we’ll encourage you along the way.

Ready to get in on the fun? It’s not too late. Get started on your most productive, refreshing month, ever!