Organic Foods – Unplugged!
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Organic Foods – Unplugged!

Organic Foods – Unplugged!

Box of fruits and vegetables

There's a growing interest in healthy habits, but you may be overlooking one little detail...

It’s exciting to see all the new-found interest in organic foods, pure drinking water, exercise and fitness.

Yet, many of these well-intentioned, health-conscience people are wasting their money.

If you know someone who is shopping organically and reducing their dependence upon processed foods, but not getting regularly adjusted, they may be overlooking a key point.

Let’s say you go to your favorite supermarket for your weekly shopping. And because you’ve wisely shopped the perimeter of the store where the fresh foods are, you return home and put things away in your fridge.

But you overlooked one little detail. It’s not plugged in! So the fridge has a major subluxation at the electrical outlet.

In the same way your fridge cannot preserve, protect and prolong the vitality of your foods without a properly functioning electrical system, your body cannot properly digest, assimilate and eliminate foods with a subluxation interfering with your digestive system.

So it doesn’t matter how healthy your organic food choices are, because your body won’t be making the most of those healthy choices.

Your nervous system runs the whole show. If it doesn’t work right, you don’t work right. And if you’re not working right you can’t fully benefit from organic food, gym membership and other healthy habits.