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Careful selection of those most likely to respond positively to MUA has produced enthusiastic patients grateful for the procedure.

We offer Manipulation Under Anesthesia, or MUA, to help patients who do not respond to more conservative forms of chiropractic care, or whom we believe, could benefit from greater joint mobility than we can achieve during a conventional visit.

While there are always some potential risk associated with any form of anesthesia, the temporary form of sedation we use produces a type of “twilight sleep” that is noted for its safety and patient comfort.

Relaxed Muscles Allow Greater Motion

MUA is often recommended for chronic pain patients or acute neck pain, back pain, joint pain, muscle spasm, adhesions and long-term pain syndromes. Many candidates of the MUA procedure are those who consciously or unconsciously are unable to relax and “guard” fixated or hypomoble spinal joints. Once the patient is relaxed, involved joints are gently stretched and restricted motion is released.

How It Works

MUA is commonly performed in a hospital or community surgical center. The attending team includes an anesthesiologist, the primary physician or chiropractor who performs the manipulation and an assistant experienced in MUA procedures.

Using a series of specific short lever manipulations, MUA relies on a combination of passive stretches and specific joint maneuvers to reduce fibrous adhesions and scar tissue surrounding the specific spinal joint and surrounding soft tissues.

Patient Satisfaction

As an alternative to more invasive surgery or pain medication, MUA has produced excellent results for those who are carefully screened as good candidates for the procedure.

Certification courses are offered through accredited chiropractic college post-graduate departments and are a covered service by malpractice insurance carriers.