Chiropractor Takes on the Media
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Chiropractor Takes on the Media

Limit Media Use

The media bombards us. The 24-hour news channels, cable and satellite radio and television, magazines, billboards, newspapers and even the Internet clamor for our attention.

Separate From Reality

Father and son on couch with remotes

Media steals our time and attention, encourages a sedentary lifestyle and projects ideas and values that are at odds with a healthy lifestyle.

Media experience is not real. Sure, we may flinch during a fight scene or be moved to tears by a tender moment, but we are largely being passive and separate.

Creates Group Think

The media creates a herd mentality. We appear to be free, but in so many way we dress, act and think just like everyone else. The media also tends to reduce creativity.

Contemporary Hypnotism

Ever watch someone watch television? Their vacant stare, fixated on the moving images, reveals the dangerous side of allowing unfiltered ideas to enter our consciousness.

Are there valuable educational experiences available through the media? Of course. But they are presented along with the health-compromising values of drug advertising, instant gratification, gratuitous consumerism and violence.