How’d You Sleep Last Night?
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How’d You Sleep Last Night?

How’d You Sleep Last Night?

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Are you getting enough high quality sleep?

If you aren’t getting enough sleep or enough high quality sleep, the problem may simply be the amount of light you’re exposed to.

Melatonin affects both our desire to sleep and the quality of our sleep. Darkness enhances melatonin production, while light inhibits it.

Because bright lights can disturb the normal production of melatonin, make sure your bedroom is completely dark. Create a darker environment by using light–blocking blinds, lined curtains or even an eye mask to block out all light.

A major health complaint for the over-65 population is difficulty sleeping. Many elderly people do not spend sufficient time outdoors and therefore, lack an adequate amount of bright light exposure.

Getting outside more, or increasing the level of light in their homes during the day and early evening hours may actually alleviate the major cause of their sleep distress!