Help For Your Asthma
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Help For Your Asthma

Help For Your Asthma

Child using inhaler for asthma

Asthma attacks may be less frequent and severe with regular chiropractic care.

The number of children diagnosed with asthma has increased dramatically in the last several decades. The quality of our air has gone down in recent years, foods now contain harmful ingredients that weren’t around years ago, and stress factors have increased through the years for our children. These factors and more have all contributed to this worrying spike in asthma diagnoses.

How Chiropractic Might Help

Asthma is a chronic condition that inflames the lungs and narrows the breathing airways. A chronic condition means that there is no cure; rather, asthma is something we must seek to control. What are some ways to try to help your child?

  • Eliminate foods that irritate or cause allergic reactions
  • Use air filters in your home to keep air quality higher
  • Use hypoallergenic bedding
  • Regular chiropractic care

Chiropractic care may help to heal areas of the spine that control your lungs and airways. Asthma attacks may be less severe and less frequent with regular care. If your child’s nervous system is allowed to function at its highest potential, it might just give them a much-needed boost to their immune system.

If your child suffers from asthma, give chiropractic a try. Call us for a check up and let’s see how we can help!