Don’t Be a Yo-Yo
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Don’t Be a Yo-Yo

Don’t Be a Yo-Yo

Boy playing with a yo-yo

Stop yo-yo dieting for good!

I’m not talking about yo-yo tricks like “Walk the Dog” or “Rock the Baby.” I mean, does your weight go up and down?

We’ve been led to believe that maintaining our weight, fitness and spine is a once-in-a-while thing, rather than a lifestyle habit.

Some of our patients even take this approach with their chiropractic care, stopping as soon as they feel better. Since their soft tissues and muscles never strengthen, they relapse. And the process begins again.

Proper nutrition, rest and exercise, plenty of water and an interference-free nervous system are lifestyle choices.

True health is a journey, not a destination; a process, not an event; a habit, not a diet.