A Chiropractor’s Education
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A Chiropractor’s Education


Medical instructor with students in classroom

In many ways, the education today’s chiropractic doctor receives is comparable to what a medical practitioner receives.

These days, the education that a chiropractor receives is quite similar to what medical practitioners receive.

In fact, a recent study says that chiropractic and medical curricula are “more similar than dissimilar.” Some chiropractic colleges require a Bachelor’s degree before enrollment. A doctor of chiropractic’s training generally requires a minimum of five years of college study.

Obviously, medical doctors receive additional training in pharmacology and surgery, whereas chiropractors focus more on physiology, pathology and spinal adjusting techniques.

After passing board examinations and state licensing requirements, today’s chiropractor, like all types of doctors, must attend continuing education classes for relicensure and to stay current on the latest scientific research.

SUBJECT Chiropractic Hours Medical Hours
Anatomy-Embryology 540 508
Physiology 240 326
Pathology-Geriatrics-Pediatrics 360 401
Chemistry 165 325
Microbiology 120 114
Diagnosis, Dermatology, ENT 630 324
Neurology 320 112
Radiology 360 148
Psychology-Psychiatry 60 144
Obstetrics-Gynecology 60 148
Orthopedics 210 156
TOTAL 3,065 2,706

SOURCE: Classroom hours based on the review of curriculum [catalog]s from eleven chiropractic colleges and twenty-two medical schools in the United States (1996).