Break Free of Fear
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Break Free of Fear

Break Free of Fear

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Fear and anxiety can make you feel paralyzed.

Are you one of those people who is consumed by worry? Does it keep you awake at night? Do you have trouble concentrating? Do you suffer from free-floating anxiety, where you’re not even sure what you’re worried about, but you’re worried all the time? If so, it might help to know you are not alone. Many more people than you realize are plagued by constant feelings of worry or anxiety.

What you need to understand is that if you are prone to worry – you need to stop. Your life depends on it! It is possible to re-program your brain so that you can stop all this needless worry and get on with living a happy, worry free life.

How you ask? Here are a few simple suggestions:

  • Stay in the present or…Remember that your head should always be where your feet are! Worry is always negative projection about the future – something you either know nothing about or have little control over – so how does worrying help to change that?
  • Worry is a learned behavior that can be unlearned. Simply change the station! When a worry pops into your head – think of something pleasant.
  • Stay in the day! “One day at a time” is an excellent expression because it describes the way we are supposed to live. It doesn’t do you, or anyone around you, any good to be living with one foot in tomorrow! You can plan – just don’t plan the outcomes!
  • Instead of worrying about the future – try dreaming of the happiness you want to enjoy and visualize that! You tend to attract whatever is in your thoughts – so think happy ones!
  • If you are able to foresee some terrible event, decide whether there is something you can do to change it or make it have less of an impact. If there is – then do it! If there isn’t – accept it and move on. Worrying about it will only make it loom larger in your mind and rob you of any happiness you could have today!

You’ve often heard it said, “You are your own worst enemy.” This is certainly true when it comes to worry. Worry causes stress and stress weakens your immune system, making you susceptible to illness. So make sure you stay current with your chiropractic care to help you manage your stress and keep your immune system functioning at its peak potential.