The Amazing Chiropractic Adjustment
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The Amazing Chiropractic Adjustment

The centerpiece of your chiropractic care is the chiropractic adjustment. At first glance, adjustments appear quite similar visit to visit. But there’s more to this routine procedure than meets the eye. There’s a lot going on as we track the many subtle changes your body is making. Here are some of the nuances associated with … Continue Reading →

Making the Common Cold—Uncommon

It seems many people practically expect a bout with a cold or even the flu each year. But getting these common afflictions doesn’t have to be regular occurrence. Become more mindful of the countless preventative steps you can take. Here’s how to avoid becoming a hospitable host for the bug that’s going around: Improve your … Continue Reading →

Your First Visit to a Chiropractor

Your First Visit to a Chiropractor In some ways, your first visit will be similar to seeing a medical practitioner. And in other ways it will be quite different. And while every chiropractor has a slightly different first-visit procedure, here’s what you can generally expect. A Warm Welcome Chiropractors practice in medical centers, freestanding clinics, … Continue Reading →

Medical Treatment Versus Chiropractic Care

Medical Treatment Versus Chiropractic Care Chiropractic is different. Always has been. Chiropractors and medical practitioners share a few things in common. Both receive many years of education and training. Both have practices. And both care deeply about their patients. But that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. Medicine and chiropractic have different operating philosophies. They … Continue Reading →

“There’s Something I Forgot to Tell You…”

After a week or two of care a new patient will often pull us aside. They go on to describe some aspect of their health that has improved. Only thing, it’s not what prompted them to originally see us for care. This happens surprisingly often. They didn’t mention their acid reflux, indigestion or some other … Continue Reading →

Five Reasons to See Us After a Car Accident

A common automobile injury is being rear-ended from behind. You’re stopped at the light. And you see the car bearing down behind you in the rear view mirror. There’s little you can do. Simply brace yourself for the sound of crushing steel and broken glass. CRASH! The result is often a case of whiplash. Thankfully, … Continue Reading →


Childhood Ear Infections

When your child pulls on their ear or shakes their head, it’s often a sign of ear pain. The constant crying and sleepless nights take as much of a toll on the parents as they do on the child. Ear infections (acute otitis media) are one of the top reasons for pediatrician appointments and about 50% of all children experience their first one before they even reach their first birthday! … Continue Reading →


The Master System

The nervous system is made up of two parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. The brain and the spinal cord make up the central nervous system. The spinal cord transmits sensory messages to the brain and motor messages from the brain. Sensory nerves carry messages from receptors to the brain. … Continue Reading →