4 Low Impact Exercises You Can Do Every Day
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4 Low Impact Exercises You Can Do Every Day

Some people love intense workouts with heavy weights and lots of sweat. But that’s not the only way to get a “good workout.”   Low impact cardio also has numerous health benefits—and the best part? It’s ideal for any age and stage of life.   Getting active for 30 minutes each day with some cardio … Continue Reading →

Is Working From Home Wrecking Your Back?

As we all get used to our new ‘normal’, we know many are finding working from home difficult—especially those without a dedicated, ergonomic office space to carry out your day.   While this in and of itself can be a pain, it’s also likely causing literal pains in your back, neck and eyes.   As … Continue Reading →

Is Stress Sneaking In Through Your Food?

We’ve all got enough on our plates—too much stress shouldn’t be one of them! And when we say plate, we mean that literally. Stressors can be found all around us, even in our food. That’s why when you’re feeling stressed, it’s important to skip the comfort food and head for something nutritious. This state of … Continue Reading →

All About Heat Therapy

Last month we discussed when to use heat vs. ice therapy for pain. This month we’re going to deep dive into heat therapy, when to use it, for how long, and much more. How it Works When you warm up a sore joint or tight muscle, your blood vessels enlarge. This allows more blood, oxygen, … Continue Reading →

Heat or Ice? Which is Better for Your Pain?

Have you ever found yourself with an ache or pain wondering, “Should I apply heat or ice?” Here we’ll explain which situations call for heat and which call for ice, as well as what to do if neither is helping. First off, a general rule of thumb is to use ice for recent, acute injuries … Continue Reading →

7 Surprising Causes of Back Pain

Back pain plagues more than 1 in 10 people worldwide. And when we think of back pain, we often think of injury, accident, or overuse. But there are many other, less commonly known, causes of back pain. Knowing these may help you pinpoint the cause of your pain and help you discover a way to … Continue Reading →

Natural Headache Relief

Does the current state of the world have you experiencing more headaches than normal? Tension, anxiety, stress… These can trigger headaches in anyone at any time. But there are natural ways to relieve headache pain and calm the tension causing it. Hydrate – dehydration is a common cause of headaches, but easily remedied. Fill up … Continue Reading →

How to Spot Dehydration & Increase Your Water Intake

Did you know that by the time we feel thirsty, we are often already dehydrated? And since our fluid levels affect our ability to control our temperature, pulse, blood pressure, digestion and millions of other functions, it’s something to take seriously. Common Ways We Lose Water There are many ways we lose water throughout the … Continue Reading →

The Thing About Pain

Pain is serious. And relieving it is big business. Those who suffer from pain spend billions seeking its relief. In fact, pain is often what prompts people to visit our practice. It turns out there are some very important reasons why we’re equipped to sense pain. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary used by health professionals around the … Continue Reading →

10 Reasons to Avoid Sugar

While nutrition experts tend to disagree on a variety of topics, they all seem to agree that we’re consuming far too much sugar. Besides contributing to the obesity epidemic, sugar in its various forms is causing diabetes cases to skyrocket. Sugar, in its many forms, is an increasingly common ingredient in processed foods. Many of … Continue Reading →