Bio Cranial Technique
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Bio Cranial Technique

Bio Cranial Technique

Bones of the skull

Many are surprised to learn that there are separate bones of the skull. And they move!

The bones of the skull move. Conventional wisdom suggests that the skull is a solid structure, like a helmet, protecting the brain. Yet, the 22 bones of the skull move, with a subtle rhythmic pulsing (about 10-14 per minute) that turns out to be a significant factor in our health. The Bio Cranial Technique we use unlocks this surprising, and often overlooked connection.

Compensation Reactions

Bones of the skull can often become injured during the birth process. Besides the interruption of the rhythmic pulsing, once the distorted, torqued or warped pattern is established, a compensatory “distortion” can occur along the supporting spinal column below. This can set the stage for a variety of health issues, many without obvious symptoms.

The Physiology

The rhythmic movements felt along the joints of the different bones of the skull, called sutures, can be felt with the fingertips. Restrictions are thought to interfere with the normal circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid serves as a “shock absorber” for the delicate tissues of the brain. By detecting aberrations, we can uncover the underlying cause of many ailments, especially those of the jaw and other parts of your head.

Those who have had traditional chiropractic care often remark that after receiving Bio Cranial work there is a better resolution of their chronic spinal subluxations.

Simply put, when we move the bones of your skull, it allows your entire body to work better.