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Man driving a car

Unlike your body, to safely operate your car you have to supply most of the intelligence.

The pause between heartbeats constantly changes, and this “heart rate variability” is one indicator of overall health. Now look at blood pressure: 120/80 is considered normal. But “normal” changes throughout the day. If it didn’t, you might pass out just by standing up!

These and many other aspects of our bodies are dynamic. Fortunately, we have an intelligence within us that makes these adaptations for us. In fact, the ability to adapt to the environment is one of the definitions of intelligence.

Your car, with limited intelligence, requires that you do the adapting for it. Driving uphill requires you to press the accelerator. Stop sign? You have to adjust! To safely operate your car, you have to supply most of the intelligence.

Not true with your body. Your nervous system, which controls the whole show, does the work for you—if it isn’t impaired. Thus, regular chiropractic checkups are not only intelligent, but also smart!