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Make Chiropractic Care Your 2022 Resolution

Let’s face it, sticking to a resolution can be tough. With the excitement of 2022 upon us, we wanted to offer an idea that your body will thank you for: Getting regular adjustments.

Patients who seek care often remark:

  • Movement comes easier
  • Injuries become infrequent
  • Pain that’s plagued them for years improves

But that’s not even the best part. Chiropractic care isn’t something you have to do every day, or even every week. We’re happy to design a custom care plan for your needs, and ultimately, you’re the boss of how frequently you visit us.

We hope to see more of you and your loved ones in our practice this year.

New Year, New Affirmations, New Me!

Like everyone else, we’re leaving 2021 behind and embracing the change that this year is sure to bring. We aim to offer inspiration, hope, and motivation for our patients, and believe that one of the best ways to do that is by helping you invite these things into your life.

Try giving these five daily affirmations a try each day to create a healthy, positive new habit.

1. People respect and value my opinions.
2. Each day of my life is filled with love and joy.
3. I make decisions which are in line with my values and goals.
4. I am grateful for my life.
5. I am not controlled by stress, fear, or anxiety.

Do you have other affirmations that you speak daily? We’d love to hear them the next time you visit us.

5 Factors of Knee Pain

Whether you’re dealing with new knee pain or an ache that’s been bothering your stride for years, one thing is certain—problems in the knee can affect your entire life. Sound familiar?

Getting to the bottom of what’s causing your knee pain or what may have contributed to it in the first place is the first step toward improving your health. Here are five common factors of knee pain:

1. Gender. Did you know that more women than men develop knee problems? One of the reasons for this is that females generally have wider hips than males.
2. Age. Our knees help to hold us upright from the moment we learn to walk. Over the years, it’s no surprise that our joints may degrade.
3. Weight. Carrying excessive weight can have a major impact on your knees.
4. Overexertion. While exercise is typically good for our bodies, it can be overdone. This can result in painful injuries, especially to the knee.
5. Tobacco use. Did you know that smoking has been linked to musculoskeletal issues?

Dealing with knee pain? Give us a call.